Introducing the Unvarnished Business Podcast

On the surface, the most successful people in business make it look so easy. So perfect. Just like the curated social media feeds of perfect lives we might envy, we often think we’re the only ones having the challenges we do. The imposture syndrome. The questioning. Looking for the map only we can write. The failures that force us to get back up day after day to hit our goals. It’s never as straightforward as we’d like. Everyone is figuring it out as they go. Navigating market forces beyond their control. There’s always uncertainty. But that’s the power of the journey. And that’s how we grow as leaders, as marketers, and creatives. It’s about increasing our resilience. That’s why I’m launching a new podcast called “Unvarnished Business”:

Looking back at successes, they always seemed inevitable. But that’s rarely the case when it’s happening. Hear from business leaders, marketers and creatives on how they’ve adapted to survive and thrive in uncertainty. Come behind the curtain for personal conversations on struggles and opportunities with these hidden leaders in business.

Episode one features Graeme Harrison, a passionate leader in the commercial audio industry I had the privilege to work for for several years at Biamp. We enjoyed a long conversation that highlights how his passion for music led him from a career in chemistry to audio.

Each week I plan to release a new episode and welcome your feedback. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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