What do you do when no one knows?

If it isn’t clear, no one at any level of business or government knows what the future holds. Neither economists nor health experts know. What we understand about the situation changes weekly if not daily. We are literally back to drawing entirely new maps for how we live and how we transact. That is either an incredibly scary or energizing prospect depending on your mindset. But here we are. And we will be here for a long time.

What then do you do when no one knows? How do you build a sound financial future? How do you preserve the one you have? How do you find the means to not just survive but thrive in this new ‘reality’? It’s a tricky one. I wrote earlier about how we have possibility in the uncertainty. That is what we have. We have our creativity, curiosity and imaginations which are not subject to quarantine. How can you use yours to catapult you from fear and dread to building something new?

Marc Andresson wrote a sharp post on how we failed to anticipate and build for this scenario. And thus have made things worse than they otherwise could have been. But we are here. Now he suggests it’s time to build. I encourage you to read and absorb it. Because that’s where you come in. That’s where we all come in. Our imaginations are what we have to create a new society. Hard as it is, and hard as it will be for so many, we have an amazing opportunity in front us. And while I won’t diminish the very real feelings of fear and dread (I have them too), spending time with possibility pushes the fear aside. And bit by bit, we can all create the new map.

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