Welcome to Episode 02 of the Unvarnished Business Podcast:
Dr. Margot Douaihy and Dr. Puya Abolfathi on the intersection of humanity and technology.

Two leading polymaths you need to know go deep on how virtual reality and spatial storytelling shape who we are and how we share. And the potential to connect us all as one world.






Dr. Margot Douaihy teaches Editing, Publishing, & Writing at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. 


She has published extensively and won many awards for her writing and thinking:


  • 18 years of experience as an editorial director in print / digital media. Believer in compelling, cross-platform messaging and brand expansion through content that offers analysis, depth, fresh angles, real voices, and multimedia engagement.
  • Winner: Best Media Brand (Editorial Excellence), Jesse H. Neal Awards (2018)
  • Winner: Mattera Mentorship Award, Jesse H. Neal Awards (2018)
  • Collaborate’s “40 Under 40”: Innovators in Collaboration Intelligence (2014)



Dr. Abolfathi is an avid believer in making change through a ground up approach, breaking down a problem into its fundamental atoms and revisiting ‘knowledge’ around its issues. You cannot solve a problem without understanding everything about it… but worst of all, if you misunderstand the science of it.

Talk with him about the future of VR and its potential role in our advancement, rehabilitation engineering, exoskeletons, human-machine interfaces, new ways to deliver energy, science communication and innovating using smart and efficient electromechanics.