The marketing funnel minus the jargon

Marketing can be complicated. So much jargon. So many tools. So many options. Much is written about marketing funnels and there’s software that helps you with reporting metrics. There are lead funnels, sales funnels, funnels for webinars, and so forth. At each stage there’s a conversion and a portion of your audience drops out. Think of it like moving on to the next round of a game. Who will become your next customer today?

Let’s not make it more complicated than it needs to be.

1. Awareness. 

At this stage your future customer has little to no idea who you are or why you matter to them. You’ve got to grab their attention. This is not where you sell, but you show you understand your customer. You speak their language.

2. Interest.

Now that your future customer knows who you are and why you matter, they’re starting to care. This is the time to start showing them how you solve their pain at a 30,000 foot level. Pique their interest not by selling but by demonstrating your value. Build your credibility. 

3. Consideration

You’re on their radar as a viable solution and they’re considering you against alternatives. Now’s the time to show them why you are the right choice for them. 

4. Preference

You’ve won your customer over and they’ve chosen you over your competition. Congratulations on the sale. Now make sure they know they’ve chosen wisely by delivering on your promise. Make sure your product delivers and follow up to ensure their satisfaction. Exceed their expectations.

5. Advocacy

They’re not only thrilled with your product, they want to spread the word. This is when the power of word of mouth kicks in. Now’s the time for a case study and testimonial to increase your social proof. Feature your customers on your website. Build community but make it all about them. Because no matter how awesome you are, it’s all about your customers and how you make them feel. 

Master these steps of the funnel and you’re on your way to building a sustainable, growing business. 

This is how you generate more and more ROI on your marketing efforts. It takes discipline and focus. And while the initial stages hinge on your content, outreach and advertising, the latter stages hinge not only on your follow up content, but the entire customer experience. This is when it’s critical to ensure your customer service, fulfillment, sales and marketing teams are aligned on your mission and goals. The experience should be seamless. Make the processes as simple and repeatable as you can so that you can execute well. 

There are many permutations and detail you can add to each of these stages. You’ll use different means of communication and messaging. But never make it harder than it needs to be. Needless complexity impedes consistent execution. Simplicity is elegant. Complexity is messy.

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