Episode 05: John Bunting of Beeso Studio on what makes for a successful founder and startup

Welcome to Episode 05 of the Unvarnished Business Podcast

John Bunting, Founder and CEO of Beeso Studio in Omaha, Nebraska is a disciplined and creative thinker and entrepreneur. In this episode he shares what makes a good founder, the keys to a successful startup, the importance of collaboration and much more. If you’re a founder or are thinking of starting a company, this is for you.

John previously co-founded the startup studio Evus Technologies and has co-founded several startups. He has taken development teams from 0 to 100+ and managed client portfolios of up to $7.5M. 

Beeso Studio is a low-cost startup studio that partners with startups to ensure their long term success. We help startups with raising funding, software development, sales, marketing and scaling for growth. 

Beeso Studio focuses on revenue theory to help startups accelerate growth or make a pivot. We provide a dedicated team for startups – we are there at the beginning and committed to your long term success.


Connect with John and Beeso Studio:


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